ELSS – Is it EEE category or EET ?

POSTED BY spguptahyd ON January 14, 2015 7:54 pm COMMENTS (3)

I saw in on article in ET on 5th jan 2015 that ELSS investments are EET category. All along I was thinking that ELSS is EEE category. Please clarify.

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  1. Its EEE if its kept more than 1 yr , because then its tax exempt (the last E) , but if its sold before 1 yr, then its EET 🙂

    1. Amrutha says:

      ELSS has a lockin period of 3 years.
      Can we sell it after 1 year?

      1. Hemanth says:

        No, u can’t see after 1 year. u r correct that it has a lock in of 3 years. I think Manish is telling the logic behind EEE and EET

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