ELSS queries. Tax saving???

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I want to invest 1 L for the tax benefit. Please find below my break up as of now:

1) PPF- 25K

2) Term Plan- 8.5K

3) PF- 30K


Want to invest the remaining in ELSS. Earlier was planning to invest in HDFC tax saver but now it is not looking nice for the lumpsum.I was looking at various funds and found religare and canara robecca looks good. 


Please suggest where should i invest the remaining 35K.


Thanks in advance




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  1. Sudhakar says:


    I have started investing in ELSS last year and have invested in Axis Long Term Equity. I am 31 Years Old. This Year I would like to invest in different ELSS Funds and have Mirae Tax Saver and DSP Black Rock Saver in mind after researching in Internet.

    Kindly clarify on whether the above two funds are good for 5 Years Range Investment

    1. You can never say that a fund is good for X yrs .

      Funds need review and things can change.

  2. The others are good funds too. The idea of investing is not to maximize returns or save taxes. The idea particularly wrt to equity investing is to remain invested in the long term to beat inflation. In this regard all funds you mentioned have decent track record and should beat inflation if you stay invested long enough (typically longer than the lock-in).
    So in this sense all funds are good.
    If you want to look for significant differences then it should be expense ratio with

    HDFC (1.84) < CR (2.29) < Religare (2.46)

    So HDFC scores on this count and is not a bad choice at all.

  3. Abhishek Tewari says:

    Thanks.. how about religare?? do u think it still a good idea to invest in hdfc tax saver???

    1. Ramesh says:

      Go through the way FFC has given how to select a fund, and then see which if the funds are better.
      My pick will be Franklin or HDFC tax saver funds. Canara robeco not at all since their sole fund manager has left and joined l&t

  4. Canara Robeco is a good fund please spread the 35 K over at least couple of months to mitigate the risk associated with a lumpsum investment

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