ELSS- Should you continue investing in ?????

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I have been investing one lakh per year in ELSS by sip mode over the last 3 yrs plus. I now redeem matured units (which have completed the lock in period)and continue investing the same by SIP. This way I do not have to put in addl funds towards tax saving…… I also get handsome dividents as my average NAV is quite low.

Now that the cycle is complete and I was happy…but ELSS are no longer allowed in 80 C for tax saving in the new DTC !





Brig Sethi




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  1. prabeesh says:

    is DTC still in draft modE? i thought the final version was released and gonna be implemented from apr2012?

    1. The final version of draft has been released. This draft will be discussed in lok sabha in next session, then after making changes & passing there, it will be forwarded to Rajya sabha, & then to President. It will take the shape of “bill”. It will take some time.

      Hope it will help you.

  2. Adding to above point. The DTC bill is in draft mode & there will be many changes in that. Who knows FM continue the sec80c benefit with ELSS. Even if that does not happen, you can continue to get good profit every year. And if your purpose is tax-rebate, you need to invest in PPF or other pension schemes.

    But still, we’ve much time to re-think on all over portfolio.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. rakesh says:

    Even though ELSS will not be included in DTC, we must continue to invest in the same.
    We should not look at the tax benefits but the returns. ELSS returns have been very good when compared to bank deposits, NSS, EPF, PPF.


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