ELSS to Diversified Equity Fund

POSTED BY Rajendran ON September 29, 2010 11:35 pm COMMENTS (2)


  I would like to know whether is it better to move out of the ELSS fund after the lock in period and move to a diversified equity fund????




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  1. bharat shah says:

    when you already completed 3 yrs’ locking period, it is now as good as a diversified mutual fund for the amount already invested. now whether to continue or change over is a question of its performance v/s the new one you like to invest, and of course your future esimation , if you have any.

  2. Yes, switch to quality equity diversified mutual funds.At least, you can review your portfolio from time to time & make fresh portfolio as there will be no lock-in period. Also, in near future, ELSS fund manager will not get fresh money because of DTC, he will not be able to average stocks at lower level.

    So, shift your ELSS.

    Hope it will help you.

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