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A Employee who working with private limited company and his/her EPF contribution goes to trusts instead of govt.EPF trust.

(1)his / her EPF trust a/c is safe ?

(2)EPF fund can be use as housing loan?

(2)I heard so many companies not give EPF contribution to their employee,when these are closed out due to any reason,their EPF funds with trust and same trust is managed by company ?


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  1. Anil says:

    For Q3, are there still not circumstances under which company fail to pay because they ‘cheated’ and never deposited EPF money in the first place !!!!!! like the recent Subiksha case ..

    1. @ Anil

      We are talking about rules – not frauds.

      When we talk about tax laws – do every one follow them.

  2. Hemant B says:

    1 – Yes
    2 – Yes Partially to construct or buy house – even in case of medical emergency or marriage of kids
    3 – False – if co. is coming under laws of EPF Act. they have to do it.

    1. dharmchandra agrawal says:

      Dear hemants,
      q-3 answer,
      how any one knows which company comes under EPF Act?

      1. Every India Company with more than 20 employees.

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