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POSTED BY Vimal P N ON November 16, 2012 3:41 pm ONE COMMENT

Hai all,

Recently being enlightened about personal finance and wealth creation through Jagoinvester, I became aware of my old PF accounts which were kept idle after quitting my previous companies.

As a result I applied for the transfer of accumulations in my previous accounts to the current one (Form 13 revised) through my current employer six months back.

The contributions to one of the old accounts stopped in 2007 August and I quit that job without going through a formal resignation procedure.

The application was forwarded to the respective EPFO (Coimbatore) through the current EPFO (Tambaram).

After few months by using the claim status checking option in the EPFO website, I got the information that my claim was rejected but the reason was unknown.

I waited another month for any communication from them regarding the same and nothing came.

After registering a grievence through the grievence redressal portal I came to know that the reason for the rejection was “employer did not submit form 5”.

As per my knoledge nothing need to be attached with form 13 and my employer need to just attest my application.

Can anyone tell what is Form 5 and who has to provide the same. (Current employer or previous employer)

Also kindly tell what additional documents are required for transferring a EPF account.

I am doubtful about getting any assistance from my previous company, if required, for the transfer. If that is the case what is the possibility of my request getting approved?

Kindly advise..



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  1. Hello Vimal P N,
    In india, EPF (Employee Provident Funds) is a statutory body under ministry of labor and employment, Government of India. All the terms and conditions are regulated by Ministry of labor and employment.
    You can make online inquiry over the site. For further details about form 5, please refer to http://www.epfindia.com/ or have some search opn RTI Act 2005.

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