FDI in Retail

POSTED BY Anurag Srivastava ON September 21, 2012 4:06 pm COMMENTS (6)

Is the government decision to bring FDI in Multibrand retail correct. Will it be helpful to revivelight Indian Economy .Will it be helpful to the common people of India or is the oppostion parties correct in protesting against FDI.Baba Ramdev said that FDI is a mean to convert black money to White money ,is he correct .Can you please throw light on this

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  1. Dear Friends, let the dust settle & let the big Daddy (Walmart) & Uncles (Tesco, Metro, Carrefore…..) enter the Indian market.

    A lot of water is still to be flown under the bridge. It’s not the end of story but just the start of it.

    Please wait for few years at least to pass on any judgement.



  2. somasekhararaom@gmail.com says:


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  3. The government’s decision to allow FDI in retail In only towns with a population of over 10 lac.

    The MNC retailers must not be allowed in bigger towns before they invest in smaller towns or let them have two- three small towns and one big town if at all the FDI has to be allowed.

  4. There are more than 800 cities in India .Multibrand retailers are only in the top 100 cities .Will it still be that much harmful to the small grocers and shopkeepers plus I also see a good Supply Chain business emerging as the retailers would like to pick fresh from the farms .

  5. Competition in any industry is good for the customer. It is pure economics.

    So multibrand retail – in effect – will benefit the Indian consumer. People who dont have lean operations will be forced to sell at higher prices and so will eventually be eliminated/ABSORBED.

  6. sunil says:

    Remember the readymade cloth import in india that created ripples and left many workless….

    I can’t really compare this with the then situation but YES, there are positives (if used effectively) to increase indian economy.

    But i am sure of the Foul play coming into picture and the now Richer will become Richest….

    My views alone… 😉

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