Fee for Financial Planning

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What is the reasonable price for financial planning? Other than the initial one-time fee for first time, how often we need to revise and what will be the fee for considering the person may belong to one of the below categories.

1. Young & Single

2. Just Married, No Kids Yet

3. Married, Kids, stable family size


Can you suggest me what is the reasonable fee range for financial fee for the below methods.

1. Based on current networth

2. Based on Gross Salary

3. Based on Amount invested per year

4. Any other models?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. Hello Vishnu,

    Personally i believe Fees to be charged should be fixed in terms of planning type..it can be Simple Financial plan..Comprehensive financial plan…or one goal plan..
    reveiw should be Quaterly or monthly(if asked by the client)..
    Include your review charges into the initial payment itself..this forces clients to be in constant touch with you on his/her plans..which indded will help you serve better and grow your organisation more with mouth marketing (most effective) rather than banner, hoardings, etc marketing…

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