Filing income tax return

POSTED BY Sambaran Mitra ON July 22, 2012 7:54 am COMMENTS (3)

My income tax return was filed yesterday.
However, after I received the ITR-V, I found that there is a mistake in the data that was uploaded in the xml.
Although the missed data does not affect my tax-liability, I believe I shall make the discrepancy good.

Now what should I do?
1. Do I send the signed ITR-V to IT department?
2. Do I file a revised return and then send the final ITR-V (signed) to IT department?

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  1. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    Please refer Dos and Donts for printing and filing ITR-V on the following link.

    Direct linkn for the Dos and DONTs

  2. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    You will have to send both the signed ITR-V (old as well as revised) to banglore. Make a point to send those in the same envelope without stapling. Thanks.

  3. Just file a revised one and just communicate it to Tax department that you refiled it and sending the revised ack


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