Filing tax for home business and charitable trust

POSTED BY Dipesh Mistry ON August 14, 2012 8:38 pm COMMENTS (3)

Goodies Manish,

Helped lot me @ tax return filing. Need some more help.

1) How to file return for small home business for housewife. whether or not efile is possible plse tell me the procedure.

2) My father is a member of charitable trust and he wants to file return of the same trust. Is it possible to efile tax for trust through government website. If so then plse tell me the procedure. If it is not possible then too kindly tell me the procedure for filing offline in such case.




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  1. Dear Dipesh, for small businesses, the applicable ITRs are ITR-3 & ITR-4. Yes even house wives who do have such incomes may file ITR-3 or 4 as the case may be. Yes online ITR filing can be done.

    For Trusts, online filing is not available for ITR-7 as on date.



    1. Dipesh Mistry says:

      Thanks a lot for ur kind reply. Could you plse explain me how to file with itr-7 directly at incometax office.


      1. Dear Dipesh, please download the ITR-7 from the site & fill it. Submit it to the local Income Tax office.

        If you want detailed help, please contact a CA or Tax professional in your city.



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