Financial Management or Financial Planner?

POSTED BY Atul ON January 23, 2011 5:18 pm COMMENTS (2)

In my view Financial Planner and Financial Management are different,the former is part of later. When you meet Financial Planner or Advisor he helps to intiate the process and plan for indivudal. His job is done. However its individual respponsibility to monitor,control, execute and close the same. Closure means successful end to the investment in particular product.

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  1. shashank kashettiwar says:

    I think those functions- ‘ respponsibility to monitor,control, execute and close’ can also be performed by the financial planner. There are even more broad qualitative functions that can also be performed by a planner like,

    An effective sounding board for the clients ideas and views’
    A guide and mentor,
    Handholding for any bold steps to be taken’
    Continuous support a kind of AMC-annual mainainance contract’
    A source of information of latest happenings in the financial services industry
    Coordination and integration of different advisors and service providers to the client

    It depends how comprehensive the service is being offered or the planner is capable of providing.


  2. Atul

    Yes, you are correct , people hiring financial planner or any advisor , thinking that its the end for their tensions are not correct . there is no substitute for yourself , its your money and you have be active in your financial life to get maximum out of it .


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