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i am married 29 year old earning 48000 pm & no kid. i have a home loan of 15 lacs paying EMI – 15000 @ 8.5 only for this year from next year onward it will be as per market rate (floating) & can save 10,000 PM.
Shall i first finish the home loan then think about the investment or i should start investing money.
how safe is to invest in gold since fluctuation is quite high.
I would like to know about some good SIP, GOLD ETF/SIP Plans as a long term investment.
can you please suggest me, how to pick a mutual fund for balanced investment where i should get returns at least 12%.
hows to get a good insurance plan to over come the future expanses (like kids Education, wedding, health) where i will get regular returns (like after 5 years) & also for retirement. i am looking for 10 -15 year investment plan.
my current investments.
MF name investment amount current Value
Reliance Long Term Equity (G) 10000 14888
Reliance Natural Resources (G) 15000 15003
SBI Magnum Tax Gain (G) 10000 9672
Reliance Money Guarantee Plan – Fund F 90000 74307 (annually 30,000)
Please suggest me what my portfolio should be? & if required which one needs to discontinue.

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  1. Dear Shekhar, if you die tomorrow, how much sum assured is there to pay back that home loan & how your family ‘ll survive? First of all, please purchase a term cover of at least 1 Crore Rs. for yourself. Then we can discuss other things.



  2. Nitin Verma says:

    .. Try This
    2k Towards a Education Policy from LIC
    2k Towards Bima Bachat Plan of lic When they give back money every 3rd or 4th year.
    1.5k in Quantum gold ETF ( Gold has already had its run so do not be overexposed to it )
    2.5k in Good Dividend yielding Stock Like Corporation Bank, Andhra Bank.
    1 in a Good 2-3 Small cap stocks like Union bank, Graphite India
    1k Recurring FD ( This will ensure you have enough cash in case of emergency, breaking fd is easy)

    You will be insured and it will take care of your Educational and the regular income in the first 4k.
    You will also have gold in portfolio which can be used in long term for various purposes.
    The equity that I suggested has the potential of becoming twice the investment in just 5-4 years.
    FD will ensure u have money when u need it.

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