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HI friends i am big fan of this forum as it helps in the planning and clear doubts of many confused ppl like me . well i became father just 2mths ago and i wanted to invest 50,000 yrly but i am confused were to invest lately i zeroed upon lic komal jeevan policy as told by one of my friend it seems ok to me but my father insists on taking ppf instead i am really confused which one to choose on .can u pls guide me or suggest me someother plan which i can go for .pls help me


nitin mahajan

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  1. jinesh shah says:

    PPF is a good bet only if you are taxable @ 20% min and you don’t have any other compulsory investments (like Home loan) for 80CC.

    for 50000 it comes to roughly 4k monthly

    you can opt for combination of 2/3 mfs or mix of MF and PPF to diversify risk and going fwd u can increase amt in each of them. if you can spare more investments.

    in my view
    1) large/mid cap equity fund ( hdfc top 200, franklin, idfc premier, icici focused bluechip
    2) balanced fund ( hdfc prudence, hdfc balanced, icici pru balanced,)
    3) debt fund ( franklin income, bsl, sbi magnum bond fund
    4) PPF

    and yeh mix of the above depends upon your desired return vs risk.

    In MFs you need to be vigilant a little than PPF investments.


  2. Dear Nitin, congratulations for becomeing a proud father. My take is a bit different. Do you really think that after 15-20Y from here onwards, you can provide sufficient amount to fund the education for your kid? Believe it or not but your own retirement should be a higher priroty for you. As far as question of Education goes, tone down your goal & think 20-40% funding from your pocket & balance 60-80% funding from an education loan. As of now education loans are not much popular (as these are in western countries) but writing is clear on the wall. The way education expenses are inflating, an average middle class Indian can not fund it from own resources.

    So what’s your take on my view?



  3. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Nitin,

    You may divide the amount depending upon your risk appetite.

    If you are ready to take moderate risk, you may look at putting about 25K in PPF and rest in MFs through SIP. Since you are considering a long term investment, equity MF would be a better option for you.

    Selection of good funds has been discussed in various questions asked about MF investment in this forum. You may go through them and decide.


  4. Anshuk Jain says:

    Go for PPF

  5. nitin mahajan says:

    basically want to save it for my child edu or marriage

  6. nitin mahajan says:

    long term view say 15-20 yr and abt risk depend on the policy dont want to be in equty

  7. jinesh shah says:

    objective of your investment, tenor you want to invest for, and your risk appetite!!!!!!!

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