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I am 28 year old unmarried male working in IT company. I am currently drawing handsome monthly salary. My company has good EPF,Gratuity and Group Insurance Policy. I am planning to get married in 1-2 years of time frame.


As of date, I have following LIC policies :-

Policy Name/Sum Assured/Premium/Mode/Commencement date/Maturity Date

LIC New Bima Gold-179/800000/19873/half-yearly/15-Oct-2008/15-Oct-2024/

LIC Market Plus-I Growth/10000/10000/one-time/16-Oct-2008/1-Oct-2018

The money back policy/50000/801/quarterly/27-Nov-2002/27-Nov-2022/


In addition to this I have following Mutual Funds (SIP -ELSS U/S 80C OF IT ACT):-

Fidelity Tax Advantage (Growth)   – Rs 2000 per month

HDFC Long Term Advantage (Growth) – Rs 1500 per month

HDFC Tax Saver (Divident)         – Rs 1500 per month  


and ULIP Plans

Bajaj Allianz-Century PLUS/150000/15000/half-yearly/7-Dec-2007/7-Dec-2017 (So far my fund has grown 160% on investment)

Bajaj Allianz-Invest PLUS/150000/15000/yearly/12-Nov-2010/12-Nov-2020 (Tradional ULIP plan)


I am staying in a rented house now (rent 10K per month). I am planning to buy a car in 2-3 years of time and later a good flat raising a loan.


Request your guidance on my future financial planning and any correction in the already made investments(particularly I am not satisfied with  LIC New Bima Gold policy, as its future return value is too low.)


Thanks and Regards


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  1. Suraj says:

    @Ashal: Thanks, Could you please suggest couple of good plain vanilla term covers plans suitable for me as per my profile?

  2. Dear Suraj, Please surrender all the insurance policies. As per your current condition that you are a single person & no dependent is there, you should not think of life insurance as of now. In case you want to go for some insurance, please opt plain vanilla term covers (preferably online ones).

    For ELSS funds – Please invest in only 1 fund out of the 3 you are investing as of now. Once your 1L saving limit is over, please divert your money into MFs. Please create a buffer of at least 6-9 months living expenses. For Car + Home, this should be your fund.




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