Financial year spent in India and abroad Tax filing

POSTED BY terese ON October 1, 2013 9:45 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi All,

My situation is :

I left India and came abroad in November 2011 for an onsite from my company.

In June 2012, I filed tax in India showing income in both countries and paid the tax.

In September 2012, I filed tax overseas and received some amount as tax returns here.

Now I am receiving letters from Indian IT dept asking me to pay tax for the overseas tax return I received.

I don’t know how the Indian tax dept know about the returns I got here. Can it be through my company ? My company had authorized pwc to deal with my tax filing in both countries. Would they have informed Indian tax dept about the returns ? I am now settled abroad and do not wish to pay tax for the returns I received here. Kindly advise what I can do ?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Terese, only after a detailed analysis of your case, one may decide that you stand a chance or not. Regarding your take on ignoring the letter, do it at your own risk. In case you do not have any financial Interest (read property, investments, assets) in India and do not wish to return in any case, you may chose to default but be ready to face the consequences of your action.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Terese, merely your wish of not want to pay tax is useless. You should prove that the demand is not right by Indian Income Tax authorities. Please consult a Tax professional in India to deal your case.



    1. terese says:

      Thanks for the reply Ashal.
      My question is, if i get the assistance of a Tax professional, do I stand any chance to win this ? Or is ignoring the letters from IT authorities an option ?
      How far would the IT authorities go to acquire about 80K INR from an NRI ?


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