Fraud websites offering exorbitant returns

POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON November 17, 2010 11:07 am COMMENTS (5)

Here is a mail I got from one reader , wanted to share with all


something interesting here, my friend found (refer website

Dreams-india has plan and if ‘A’ has invested Rs 11000 (one time investment) then ‘A’ will get Rs 1100 per month directly to his bank account till next 30 months. Could you please have look and let me know, whether we can invest few thousands/lakhs in this scheme or not? i am NOT believing still, I want your feedback because where Govt can give only 8% pa and this scheme is giving 10% per month.


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  1. amarjit kurmi says:

    just 2 days back one of my class mates invested in one such site called gurukul or something like that i forgot the name of the site.he invested 25000 and he was guaranteed 30%returns..
    now the site is not available within 2 days……
    just think of the menace..
    so i think prevent yourself from thugs..

    1. What convinced your friend to invest in that scheme ? 30% is not a joke ! .


  2. My reply to this guy on mail was


    11000 can give only 75-100 per month in a govt montly income plan or a MIP from mutual funds . If some one offers 10 times of that , you can understand how much authentic it is, they might be operating on a multi chain model where they collect money from 10 people and then pay the same money to them in 10 installments for 10 month to give them the feel, by 3rd or 4th month you will tell this to your reatives and friends , who will also invest in this and they wil get a bigger budget to give every one good money and once there is a large base like 10000 people investing 50k in it , its 50 crore total with them and then they go missing .

    You might be part of this 10000 people right now after which they wil run away , so better dont get into it . remember that any thing above and over the guaranteed thing from Mutual funds or Govt schemes is extremelly risky and cant be authentic.

    One parameter to judge is the quality of website they have .



    What are your views !

    1. Manish Jain says:


      Good advice but the quality of a website should make no difference. someone can spend 1-2 lakhs and create an amazing site and rob people blind.

      “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

      1. Manish

        Agree , I am saying that its one of the secondary thing one can look at and use it as filtering point .


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