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hi bro…i am a fresher, age 26, unmarried, . till now no investment.  i am in govt job earning 40000 k (in hand after all deductions) per month. i need max 25000 rs for my spendings. plz advice me how to utilize my remaining salary in best possible manner. i shall be very grateful if u suggest a healthy ,strong, portfolio which could also save my tax. i can afford risk..but it should be calculative enough. n thanks for ur kind and patient perusal.


rohit sharma


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  1. Rahul9 says:

    Hi Rohit,
    Spend time in increasing your financial knowledge. The articles in archive here at Jagoinvestor will do you lots of good. Go through them to begin with.

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi Rohit
    May I suggest that you have a look at this link, go through the relevant sections and refine your thoughts along with this reading?

    Also, do a self risk profiling with this tool…

    Post that, you may want to look at the following link to get closer to constructing a portfolio

    Trust this helps.

    Happy informed investing…

    Rajesh Krishnamoorthy

  3. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Rohit, It’s good to know that you are thinking for saving & investment now. I’wd ask you to answer few questions for yourself?

    1. When you are planning to marry?
    2. After marriage, what ‘ll be the size of family?
    3. What are your plans for the future financial liabilities?
    4. What about value of each gaol?
    5. How & when you are thinking to purchase, a house, a car, other gizmos?

    Think & answer the above questions. these are not the only questions. There may be some more.

    Only after getting some more input from you, anything can be suggested.



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