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POSTED BY Dominic Prakash ON July 16, 2012 11:29 am COMMENTS (6)

This is similar to http://localhost/jagoforum2/mf-comparison-tools/1763/
I am investing in the following finds for the past 2 to 7 years. How to find the fund overlaps and remove them.

Franklin India Bluechip,
Fidelity Equity,
HDFC Top 200,
Benchmark S&P CNX 500,
DSPBR Equity Regular,
Reliance Regular Savings Equity,
IDFC Premier Equity Plan A,
ICICI Prudential Discovery and
HDFC Prudence

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  1. Dominic Prakash says:

    Thanks Manish. I’ll checked moneysights earlier and I did not see that option. Anyway I’ll check again.

  2. I think the real query of Dominic is still not answered ! .

    He is asking “How to find Overlaps” . The answer is there are tools which can give you comparision and like “85% of their underlying stock are same” . The best one I came across was . You can make a login there , add two mutual funds and see the overlap

    If the overlap is very high , then you can consider to replace one of them , but you should consider only 80% + as the overlap , because uptp 60% will be very natural , Another thing you can do is go to and see what a fund contains


  3. Dear Dominic, as you mentioned the investment is meant for retirement part, my take ‘ll to go for just 2 funds from your list.

    Franklin India Bluechip
    GS S&P CNX 500.



  4. Ramesh says:

    Ok, cut out the philosophy part.

    Identify just the role.

    Franklin Blue Chip – conservative (low turnover) pure large cap space.

    HDFC Top 200 – relatively aggressive (as compared to above), large and midcap space – 200 companies.
    Fidelity Equity – conservative, large and midcap space.

    CNX 500 – indexing of 500 companies.

    DSP Equity – combo of DSP Top 100 and DSP mid-small cap (so an internally rebalanced high turnover combination of two distinct categories). Works like you are balancing between Franklin Blue Chip and ICICI Discovery / IDFC Premier equity.

    These are just some of the examples, in which this analysis can be done.

    Your philosophy, you have mentioned, is pure performance based. But, understand that is a backward testing method (philosophy) and does not help you about things which will happen in future. Or funds which will give good performance in the future.


  5. Dominic Prakash says:

    This is very high level answer. Thank you anyway.

    My funds aim is to create retirement corpus. I dont go by philosophy of the fund and fund house. I just go by their last 3/5 years returns. Actually I was just wondering if I need to remove one or two funds from my list.

  6. Ramesh says:

    Identify the role of each fund in your portfolio, in terms of the philosophy of the fund (individual fund, and fund house).

    Check if there are better ways to organize things.

    Finally, check whether that matches your own philosophy.


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