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POSTED BY Ram ON October 11, 2010 11:23 pm COMMENTS (10)

Does anyone know of a good software for fundamental analysis of Indian stocks? I’m looking for a software which can help analyze statistics of companies over the past 10 years. Also, it should be able to gather data from BSE/NSE regarding ALL stocks listed on them so that I can take a look at ALL stocks listed on these and analyze their fundamentals.

I know of Moneyworks4me but it only lets you analyze companies that you already know of. I’m looking for a software that can help find hidden gems that have strong fundamentals and could be multibaggers in the future.



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  1. Lionel Dias says:

    VectorVest India was brilliant, unfortunately the company has withdrawn this option

    1. Thanks for your comment Lionel Dias

  2. manoj says:

    dear RAM visit to the site of

  3. ramidi says:

    Dear RAM,

    I am in process of identifying an finalising of a list of Fundamental Analysis parameters… so once in place we can take a stock and tick mark each of the parameter based on the parameter value in either balance sheet or ANnual report. TIll this point i am ok and i am collecting information…

    But the hardest part is how to find a company to analyze???????? i cannot sit and analyze 1000’s of company’s ..
    If any one got a solution please share we can togeather buils a system with checklist and which will identify the future Multibagger.

  4. Ram says:


    Thanks for that. But I think 1.5 lakhs a year is very costly for a normal retail investor like me. Looks like a good software though.


  5. bharat shah says:

    you may check ‘capitaline plus’ of ‘capital market’ magazine group. it is database of 20000 plus indian companies, and the subscription is rs. 150000/- per year. you can visit its web site for more details.

  6. Ram says:

    🙂 Sure

  7. Ram says:


    Thanks for replying. I agree that fundamental analysis is to be done individually using your own judgement. What I’m looking for is a software to provide all sorts of statistical and financial data on companies. The problem with moneyworks4me is that you need to enter the name of the company to get the data.

    I’m looking for something like as if you have a database and you can perform queries on that database based on your specific criteria. Something like a stock screener but it should include ALL POSSIBLE stocks on the BSE/NSE without missing out any.

    Please let me know if you’re aware of any. Also, do you use any specific software related to equity markets?


    1. No idea in that case 🙂 . Lets build one !! and sell it .

  8. Ram

    I dont think you can get that kind of software , the best I know is moneyworks4me .

    Fundamental analysis is something a person can do in his own way and interpret in his own way , so you have to do it manually


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