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POSTED BY Biswa Singh ON June 12, 2013 3:22 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi All,

I have the follwing funds with me

HDFC Top 200 – rs 3000

HDFC Prudence – rs 2000

HDFC Midcap Oppertunity – rs 1000

HDFC MIP LIP – rs 2000

ICICI Focus Blue chip – rs 2000

Quantum Long Term Equity – rs 2000

PPFAS Long Term Value Fund – rs 2000

I think i have couple of more fund than required. Please advise how can i reorganise my portfolio.

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  1. Kuntal says:

    Hi Ashal,
    Do you recommend PPFAS just as yet? We have not seen their behaviour yet. Do you take it for granted that they will follow their PMS principles?

  2. Dear Biswa, Quantum, PPFAS ‘ll be my choice. for Debt part, please do not use MIPs, instead opt pure debt fund like HDFC Cash Management Savings Plan.



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