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I have read a lot of comments on this forum regarding MF investments, many of which have helped me make decisions on my own investments.

One thing I have often come across is –

Do not select too many funds for your investments, but regularly invest in just 2-3 (or max 4) MFs of diffrent categories.

I do agree with above to some extent because investing in 10-15 MFs will just lead to stock overlap across these funds, and wont really diversify your portfolio.

However I also have another view –

Suppose I invest regularly in just 2 MFs – scheme A (large caps) & scheme X (small/mid caps), and say after 4 yrs i have an investement of about 2 lakh in each of them. Now if due to some reason (not related to market condition – say change of fund mgr or some other internal problem with that scheme of the fund house),  scheme A starts performing very poorly and continues to do so. I risk getting very low / -ve returns on 50% of my investments.

So wouldn’t I be in better condition had I split my large cap investments between 2 Schemes A & B? In other words, would it not be advisable to diversify amongst the MFs themselves, to ensure you are also protected from Fund house / Scheme specific risk? 

Does this make sense or am I simply over-analyzing 🙂 ?

Would like to hear your views on this..




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  1. Vaibhav Goyal says:

    Of course switching over to another fund would be the logical thing to do, but I’ll be doing that only after my 50% investment has suffered due to the fund’s under – performance..

    Point I was making is that would it be wise to put my eggs in just one basket (1 good fund in its category)?
    Or do u feel what I have suggested has a very low probability of occurrence, and the hassle of managing & return fluctuation by investing in multiple funds (i would select 2 in each category) outweighs the benefit provided by diversifying amongst them?

  2. bharat shah says:

    please read 3rd line as —-25 or so no. of shares

  3. bharat shah says:

    i concur with Ashal on the point . moreover i am now of the view that it is better to select less no. of mfs from process driven mf AMC’s mf , and the selected fund should have less no. , say less than 25 or so. it may be debatable , but i think, the fund manager should have strong bias of selection and concentration unlike a lay investor.

  4. Dear Vaibhav, if the under performance continues, you have the option to redeem & invest in the good fund of your choice.



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