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POSTED BY Hemalatha.R ON August 24, 2012 12:23 pm COMMENTS (5)

Is this the correct time to invest on gold? Because from past 10 days i am seeing increasing the rate on gold. Will it come down near by?

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  1. Dear Hemlatha, first of all answer the questions.

    Why do I want to invest in Gold?
    Is it for consumption later?
    Is it for hedging of my portfolio?
    Is it for pure speculation based upon the current trends of Gold prices?

    Please answer these questions first.



    1. Hemalatha.R says:

      Why do I want to invest in Gold? —if you see the gold graph from last 10 years there is continues increasing in graph,that too i read it is good if we put 10% of investments on gold..

      Is it for consumption later?–Yes

      1. Dear Hemalatha, in your original query, it was 10 days trend of gold price & now it’s 10Y gold price. Now do tell me, you want to invest for very short term trading purpose or for long term holding purpose. If your answer is long term holding, do tell me – does it matter that you purchased gold @ 30K or 31K level in 2012, where as the price of Gold at the actual need time is much much more than current level.



  2. says:

    Dear Hemalatha,

    When Gold Will be in between 29k- 30k, you can buy. Its not right time to invest in Gold. it Will down to that level within few days. If you observe gold prices in international perspective, there are no volumes, but its going up as speculation about Bail out package. Wait for few days.

    Remember one thing. Now there is no demand of Gold in India as shortage of rain fall.


  3. Biswa Singh says:

    Though the gold demand has dropped off late the price is still very high. Hope it will come down in few months if the demands drops further.

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