Gold Vs Silver Etf comparison?

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  1. Rahul9 says:


    i cmpletely agree with ur pt.,and thats why i kinda hav inclination towrds silver.Findings hav shown dat there r much lessr deposits of silver den Gold.Also historically Gold to Silver price ratio has been arnd 15,but as of presnt this ratio has gone for a toss.So,should v expect a correction in prices.?What r ur thoughts?

  2. Rahul9 says:

    thank u Manish,wil keep ur advice in mind

  3. Rahul

    we dont have any Silver ETF’s in India . But there is a way to invest in Silver now , you can invest in E-Silver of NSEL .

    Where to invest is not a right question , its a same question like where to invest , FD or Shares ? You invest which you feel has potential , it should be decided by your research and study , not ours


  4. Rahul9 says:

    wat shud 1 opt for amongst d two?Experts plz advice

    1. sidrana7 says:

      Doesnt Fidelity have those etfs as well? Never checked.

      Remember Silver is an industrial metal, if theres growth in economy then there growth in silver as well and vice versa. On the other hand gold is purely investment metal and often works opposite to the silver methodology. Not always!

      Again as Manish said, take my words with lots of pinches of salt.

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