Good Demat Account Provider

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Can somebody suggest a good demat account in terms of brokerage charges, annual fees,services and stock triggering options for buy/sell,website user interface,response.

Please suggest on this.




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  1. raju says:

    Thanks for your inputs.

    I have savings account with IDBI,
    IDBI paisabuilder and GeojitPNBparibas are providing online transfer from IDBI bank account.

    Also Geojit provides mutual funds buy/sell option from all of the AMCs,which is listed from NSEL for E-gold buy/sell.

    But, dont know much about their services.

    Please keep giving your valued inputs on this.
    I will update on this if I get more info.


  2. sidrana7 says:


    Is the first comment on this thread under moderation for link in it? I couldnt see it.

    1. Yes it was earliar , now its not

  3. rakesh says:

    I am with Sharekhan since last 6 years and enjoyed their online trading portal and satisfied too. Their customer service is not good though. On peak times you will have to wait for 15 minutes before getting through one.


    1. sidrana7 says:


      At peak times even icicidirect flutters. Even this morning I had some difficulty getting in the account online.

      Customer service is the matter which is much consistent across service providers and the consistency being ‘horrible’. Off course exceptions may be there but you or I have to bear the luck to get the exceptional service. 🙂


    2. Gaurav Matta says:

      I have been with India Infoline since 3 yrs and never faced such issues.Comparing with Sharekhan their online Board updates much quicker to latest stock prices.

  4. sidrana7 says:


    One more thing, there aint ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ thing. Chances are that a ‘Good’ brokerage house may not be convenient/practical/economical for your needs, or may be ‘not-so-good’ brokerage house may be convenient/perfect/cheap for your needs.

    I believe you will be spoilt with choices as of today if your trading is what a common investor/trader does.


  5. sidrana7 says:


    I agree with Manish that the icicidirect is expensive.

    I have accounts with icicidirect just because I get what I need in regards to nri financial legalities. What I mean to say is icicidirect’s infrastructure is way advanced. Note that I have not tried any other brokerage houses. But private one’s have yet to offer products for customers like me. The point is advanced infrastruture. Now this comes at a price which is expensive but there seems no alternative better option at this moment of writing.

    From what one of my friend back in Kolhapur has set up an account with the sharekhan and someone local and operated through them. He said its way cheaper and affordable. You will have access to trading platform installed in your home computer or any one which you have access to.

    I believe Deepak Shenoy has written about this stuff some time back. here is the link.

    Finally you will have to figure out what is more convenient for yourself and go for it. Good luck.

  6. Raju

    ICICIDirect is good one on user interface but is expensive .
    Sharekhan is another one which you can try . You wont get every thing at one place .

    See this one for more details

    1. Sunny Sodday says:

      Hey Manish, how is Kotak Securities n edelweiss? I heard good reviews about Kotak’s recommendations. Is ICICI direct above all of them.

      1. T.K.Pradeep says:

        Hey Sunny,

        I have an account with both ICICI Direct & Kotak Securities. Let me tell you one thing that both are good. But when comes to detailed evaluation, Kotak Securities is better than ICICI Direct on the grounds of the research calls & the customer service that they provide.


        1. Sunny Sodday says:

          Thanks Pradeep, I was confused to open an account with Kotak securities or not. But, now I am surely going to since they are affirming me that one of their equity master will be helping me. Have you tried their PMS?

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