Good web-site for mutual fund analysis

POSTED BY Anurag Dalmia ON June 6, 2013 1:13 pm COMMENTS (6)


I am looking for a web-site that is trusted where I can query for mutual funds and get its respective information, get recommendations for similar , better alternatives; ratings of the mutual fund, etc.


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  1. Hi Anurag

    The best of all right now is , Its mainly for researching on MF , rather than tracking !

  2. Anshuk Jain says:

    I use for the raw data and ratings. I have read their star rating methodology and it resonates with my thinking..

  3. bemoneyaware says: is the most popular with detailed coverage on Mutual funds.
    Use it for getting facts or shortlisting the fund.
    BusinessToday recent issue is mutual funds. It’s link is Choose wisely

  4. Dear Anurag, do you still want to go ahead even after knowing that ratings are not at all common or similar across all the sites offering these ratings?

    You can get a sense of your basic query, where to invest by reading so many past discussions here in the forum itself.

    Still of you want to complicate the work, welcome to the world of ratings.

    Please search Valueresearchonline, Morningstar, Moneycontrol, Outlookmoney, Crisil & so many others.



  5. deepakgudla says:

  6. Many websites are available. It all depends on how you use them. Simply looking at star rating and buying on that basis is plain stupidity.

    Some good resources are
    Value Research
    Money control
    Morning Star

    If you like you could use this guide to choose MFs using valueresearch

    All fund rating have intrinsic flaws as they can change every few months. Which is stupid.

    Learning about evaluating MFs and THEN using these websites is the way to go.,

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