Group term Insurance

POSTED BY valliammai ON October 16, 2012 11:56 am ONE COMMENT

We are a small startup. we want explore group term insurance for employees our company and we have already have health insurance for our employees. can you please tell me what is group insurance and its benefits for both employee and employer. 

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  1. The benefit for employee is that they get a life cover or health cover at affordable rates and they also stick to the company as it is a lucrative thing to receive by not paying a price . So over all it helps to generate more trust and respect from employees , not much

    from Employer side, you can get good deals from insurance companies because its more cheaper option, as there are many lives which are covered under one plan , so turns out to be cheaper, Incase employer does not want to pay , they can charge to employees , but still the cost will be less only .

    Contact the insurance companies directly on this, incase you want , I can find out how to go about this .


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