Hdfc Endowment Supreme Suvidha ULIP plan

POSTED BY Manish Jaiswal ON June 20, 2012 5:13 pm COMMENTS (3)


I have Hdfc Endowment Supreme Suvidha ULIP plan with me. The yearly premium is Rs 50,000 and I purchased this policy in 2010, due to financial issue, I cud not pay the 2nd year premium but now I have sufficient fund to pay the premium and revive the policy. The policy term is 12yr and Sum assured is Rs. 250000.
I want to know if it is the good policy to hold as I had to buy the policy as a condition for opening a locker at HDFC bank. If no, the please suggest the alternative for me.
Please help me in my decision.


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  1. Dear Manish, instead of paying 50K prem. + penal interest for revival of this policy, please forget those 50K Rs. of first prem. & invest this hard earned money else where.



  2. Ramesh says:

    You have asked a similar query elsewhere too. I do hope you have got an answer.

    So, why to post it everywhere in the same format. Atleast, you could have added that answer or the query related to that answer which you did not understand.

    Anyways, whether you had to open a locker or otherwise, that policy is not worth much, in my opinion. You can kiss those 50k as expenses for opening a locker (besides the annual fee).

    1. Manish Jaiswal says:

      Hi Ramesh,

      in that case, will the life insurance be active even if i do not revive the policy?

      Thanks in Advance,

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