HDFC Home loan dual rate: part payment amount limit

POSTED BY Prem ON May 7, 2012 12:08 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hello Guys,
Very thankful for all the posts/blogs in this forum..
Very informative source
I have my own questions for HDFC Home Loan under Dual Rate which i took in Oct 2010
Now my interest rate is 12%
More details :
I had taken a loan on Land from HDFC under Dual Rate ( fixed for first 2 years and now paying 12% EMI ) for 15.8 Lacs
What I am planning now ?
Now I am planning to do pre-payment/part payment ( around 11 Lacs ) for the same
After reading all queries I had found there won\’t be penalty after moving to floating rate which is good
Question is:
But I wanted to know if there is any limit on the pre-payment/part payment amout under HDFC Home loan if anyone has done it already. I am planning to repay more than 85%

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  1. Dear prem, if you are prepaying from own funds, there is no prepayment penalty. Please go ahead & prepay as much as you can.



  2. You are always allowed to prepay each month upto the limit of EMI , means you can make 2*EMI payment each month in almost all banks ..

    But if you want to prepay in one shot a big amount, then you need to check with bank how much is it !

  3. Sudarshan MS says:

    Hello Prem,

    Prepayment is entirely free now!! You can even prepay the entire amount… RBI rules apply to HDFC bank too which states that there should be no penalty when doing prepayment…

    PS:- I have taken loan at HDFC now and hence I have asked about prepayment and got this information!!

  4. Zoeb says:

    I think up till 25% pre – payment is free, after that it is charged at 2% for dual rate

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