HDFC Home loan Question

POSTED BY Deepesh Lakhera ON August 21, 2012 9:08 pm COMMENTS (2)

what shoud i choose between two loan scheme

1  10 Lac for 15 years with 10.50% floating interest rate

2  10 lac for 15 years with 10.75 fix interest rate

please suggest

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  1. Nitin Dhawan says:

    check before you take from HDFC, if they give you floating rate at RPLR minus some percent.
    When they will increase their RPLR, your ROI and EMI will go up. They don’t have loan linked to Base rate.
    Try the bank that give you Base rate + some percent, so if base rate is changed only your EMI and ROI will change. may be SBI..

    This is how the difference made between new customer and old customer..

  2. Dear Deepesh, If I were you, I w’d opt for 10L Rs. floating ROI @ 10.5%. the reason is clear. From here on wards, the increase in ROI ‘ll be a rare one where as there is every possibility of reduction in ROI from current levels.



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