HDFC Online Term Plan accepted with extra (almost double) premium

POSTED BY Vipin Kumar ON July 3, 2012 5:15 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have applied for online term plan from HDFC (click 2 protect) for SA for 50 lakhs with premium approx. 6300/- last month.

Few days back, I received one e mail from HDFC communicating me to pay extra premium of Rs. 6500/- (approx.) on the ground of some medical terms (elavated Hba1c level and elevated liver enzyme)..I do not know the meaning of these terms..

But it is justifiable for company to double the premium? somebody has face the similar situation? Should I accept the policy with extra premium?


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  1. Dear Vipin, regarding that Medical terminology, you can contact any Doctor in your area to know the real meaning.

    One Disclosure from my side. I applied for an online term plan from Aviva. The prem. of the same was increased to 3.5 times from the original after my medical tests as well as due to my job profile (I’m a chem. engr. by profession). I accepted the same & purchase the cover at elevated prem.

    Why? The reason is, the insurer is entering in the contract after knowing the risk against my life. So once I’m ready to pay that higher prem. the insurer can’t deny any claim arising out of that reported heal condition or job profile.

    One more reason – If you deny the offer & go to elsewhere, the new insurer ‘ll ask – Have you ever been denied a cover or the prem. was raised? You have to write down the truth & in all probability, your prem. ‘ll be raised there too.



  2. TheZionView says:


    I would say go ahead and pay extra premium and start your policy. I am not sure of what those medical terms either. But since the company is ready to provide you the cover with additional load that reduces one of you risk of not disclosing medical condition. Which is actually good (the extra premium).

    If you are still not comfortable in paying the extra premium or if you have doubt regarding the medical condition.Please take a medical test for yourself privately and cross verify with your doctor and then take decision based on it.

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