HDFC Savings account closing issues- Rs 5000 to close account!!!!

POSTED BY Utsab Bagchi ON July 4, 2013 11:40 pm COMMENTS (5)


I have a Salary account with HDFC since 2006. When I left the job for studies the account was converted to a savings account. I have been mantaining balance more than 10k till july last year and then started withdrawing slowly to get zero balance in april.Now when I want to close the account,HDFC says I have to pay 5000Rs as charges for not mantaining AMB.

1.The only time AMB charges was applied was in May this year for the month of May,though the account balance is less than 5k since last July.No charges were deducted though the account had some 4000rs. It seems the charges are accumulated,is that the rule?

2.The account balance is currently 0.0Rs.Negative balance is not shown

I want to know:

1.Is it mandatory to close the account paying this 5000rs or can I leave it unattended to make it dormant?I dont wish to bank with HDFC ever.

2. Can the bank force me to pay this money in future?Can it use the ill-famed collection agents of credit-card/loans recovery?

3.Can my balance go negative in future?

4. Will this affect my CIBIL score if I leave the account as it is?


Please provide your inputs.I know this is a very common problem with HDFC salary account.


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  1. Surya says:

    No need to pay. But, don’t do any transcations. Even, if it reaches 100000, nothing to worry.

  2. vicky says:

    Don’t bother yourself, if you remember Citibank which ran away by doing a scam of 70,000 crores by the name “harshit mehta”(poor guy) scam. This American Rothschild’s lobby banks are sucking up everyone in India. I am warning you all who hold HDFC bank account presently, they all are gonna have a big loss when this bank will run away..
    Please, those who are having Negative balance( i m also having the same problem) they do not need to get panic at all but just never deal for anything with this fucking bank HDFC in future at all unless you get another job and your company is dealing with HDFC only 🙁 .. Otherwise, everything is way to go fine.. Don’t bother yourself.

    1. Thanks for your comment vicky

  3. Ok

    Lets understand this in this way . Anything which is mentioned in your agreement with Bank (at account opening you get all documents) will apply . If it says that charges accumulate and if you do not pay on time, interest is added .

    They cant send recovery agents for this , neither it will go in CIBIL because its not DEBT.

    Now the interesting point is its impact on your future. You never know what happens in future. If you do not pay this now , two potential things can happen in future

    1. If you ever want to deal with HDFC later, you need to first fix this .

    2. What if in future banks come up with something like CIBIL which keeps database of defaulters like this, then it will be with all the banks and you might be affected.


    1. Surya says:

      No need to pay. Don’t do any transcations.

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