Can I still invest in HDFC Top 200 as its rating is down to 4 stars ?

POSTED BY kiruba_pdm ON January 8, 2015 3:30 pm COMMENTS (14)

Hi All,

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Last five years. i have been investing Rs.2500 in HDFC TOP 200 fund through SIP. I heard about this fund rating down to 4 stars. Kindly advice to me can i continue this fund in long terms or changed to other fund. I need fund amount after 20 years for my baby education & marriage.

Thanks in advance


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  1. kiruba_pdm says:

    Excellent Hemanth. Kindly suggest which one is best MF in below for long term investment purpose (max 10 years).
    1. ICICI Pru Balanced Fund- Direct
    2.Can Robeco Emerg-Equities
    3. Franklin High Growth Cos


    1. Hemanth says:

      On what basis have you narrowed to these funds?

      Note : pls click ‘Reply’ to my comment and give your answer so that I will get notification to my e-mail and can respond immediately.

      1. kiruba_pdm says:

        Sorry Hemath,
        I mentioned above fund for long term investment for my retirement.
        i would like these funds are analyzed various websites. and finally selected these funds. My aim is long term needs for more than 20 years. or kindly mention another fund to fulfill my requirement. currently my take home salery is Rs.25000, already invest Rs.2.500 in HDFC Top 200 fund. Now i can able to invest additionally Rs.2000.
        could you please advice me to achieve my goals. which funds are suitable for me.


        1. Hemanth says:

          Hi Kirubakaran,

          Can you please tell what cap are these funds? like large cap, small cap etc.

          1. yogeshanand.mca says:

            can we increase/decrease sip amount in same fund ?
            e.g hfdc 2000.
            is it doable in sip ?

            1. Hemanth says:

              yes you can by submitting new SIP request form. Please start a new thread to discuss it further as we are discussing about something else here.

            2. kiruba_pdm says:

              OK. Thanks.

            3. kiruba_pdm says:

              Thnaks, Increase Rs.2000 and additionally investment Rs.2000 above mentioned funds either one.

          2. kiruba_pdm says:

            These are Diversifieds fund & balanced funds. either one i want to invest Rs.2000/pm. Its need for after 10 years.

            1. Hemanth says:

              as the goal is after 10 years, invest in any of these.

            2. kiruba_pdm says:

              Excellent Thanks.

  2. kiruba_pdm says:

    Thanks Hematch. Can i increase Rs.1000 SIP amount in this fund?. or Start New fund.

    1. Hemanth says:

      HDFC Top 200 is a large cap fund. If you want to invest this Rs.1000 in large cap fund, please go ahead and invest in it.

  3. Hemanth says:

    that is very good fund. the rating is based on only last one year performances. they really don’t matter. As your goal is very far, keep investing in the fund.

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