HDFC Top 200 vs HDFC Equity – which is better?

POSTED BY venshu ON November 11, 2010 10:15 am COMMENTS (3)

I know both are managed by Prashant Jain and both have performed very well since inception and their 5 year returns are almost the same and so are their expense ratios. Is there any other data / information that I may get on this forum to help me choose beteween the two?

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  1. bharat shah says:

    i but agree saravanan. i like to add for your information for surfing ‘’ in addition to ‘’. it gave their highest qualitative rating ‘elite’ only to hdfc top 200 from all indian mutual fund schemes. ‘’ is giving p/e of the mf scheme based on forward earning unlike ‘’, which is giving p/e based on trailing year earning. it would be interesting to compare analysis by both of them.

  2. saravanan says:

    hi venshu,

    i have been investing in both these funds since 2005 thro’ SIP route, and both have clocked 35%+ returns (on an IRR basis). both are really top guns in the diversified equity space and a must have in any MF portfolio. The only difference being one is a multicap and other being a large cap looking at the top 200 market cap stocks, so top 200 might be a bit conservative, while the equity fund provide the extra spice 🙂 unless you are really hard pressed to choose one of them, in which my option would be HDFC equity, u can hold both.

    i guess valuereseachonline has enough info in case you need more analysis.

  3. Kiran Srirama says:

    HDFC Top 200 has more large cap proportion and HDFC Equity has more Midcap proportion, hence HDFC Top 200 has less beta (less volatile) and HDFC Equity has higher beta.


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