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Hi Manish,

   Hope you doing well. I been following of your website from last month (Sry for very late!!), now I am spending most of time in reading all the articles. All are excellent and simple to understand!.. 

  Have question which is related to Insurance. I have taken Home Loan from HDFC 2 months back for 7L. While doing the same, they were compelled me take health Insurance from HDFC ERGO, which covers this Loan for Rs.19k. At that Point, i had rejected and atlast didn’t take it..

 Now, I think to go for it due to same plan is taken by my relatives/friends, but while reading your one of article says “Risk in taking Insurance from Banks which have tie up with Insurance Company”, So am bit confused here.. 

 Is it better to go for insurance in HDFC ERGO now for my housing loan? 

Or Can I get Insurance from any other providers? 

Could you please help me out? offcourse they might be some article in which you had already explained the same, as I mentioned above, am new here. i may missed it. Please help.













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  1. Chandru says:

    Thanks Manish for your suggestion 🙂

  2. Taking health insurance should be an independent decision , you should not strongly link it with your home loan here. I suggest look for Religare Care, Oriental Health insurance or Max Bupa as some of the options .


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