Health insurance for Parents + Oriental gold Plan

POSTED BY KD ON June 8, 2012 7:01 pm COMMENTS (4)

Me (age 31) and wife (age 29) are looking to take health insurance cover for our parents. I already have individual covers for my father (age 57, SI – 2 lac) and mother (age 55, SI – 5 lac) for New India.

Father has undergone an aortic valve replacement surgery in 2007. I have been finding it difficult to increase the SI from New India for my father. Have been trying this for the last 1 year.

Wife’s parents are currently not covered and have no history of any major ailments.

Seeking help on the following

1. Looking to cover my father for an additonal 3-5 lac.. What would be the best option for this – individual policy or floater? any recommandations on a policy considering the specific case

2. Considering Oriental Family Floater Gold for my wife and her parents. Are there better/ alternare options available based on experiences of members on this forum?

3. I have an option of Group Insurance from my employer for my father.. However the premium seems to be very high. Is is better to go for this or opt for an individual policy with co-pay

4. Recent IRDA guidelines recommend that

(a) anyone upto age 65 can get a health insurance policy

(b) also If you have more than one health insurance policy, you can get your claim settled by any of the insurer. It is left to the Insurers to settle the bill Are these guidelines being followed by the insurance cos. I have found evidence against that, particularly pt (a)

any help will be greatly appreciated..

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  1. Dear KD, please check with Max Bupa or Apollo for your father’s policy. Please do note as you are switching to a new insurer with out health policy portability, the new insurer ‘ll count from the day one for pre existing decease.



    1. KD says:

      thanks Ashal for your prompt reply..

      will check with Max and Apollo. Also will continue with the existing New india (SI – 2 lac) for my father..

      With regards to my in-laws, do you think the Oriental Gold Family Floater will work well.. I have come across good reviews of the policy on this forum..


      1. Dear KD, Your wife may opt Oriental Gold for her parents. I do hope that you are aware that the prem. paid for such policy ‘ll be available for Tax benefit to your wife under section 80D over & above to the prem. paid for her own policy.



        1. KD says:

          Thanks Ashal.

          I am aware of the tax benefits available therein.


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