Health Insurance Policies covering Diabetes

POSTED BY Ojil Casi ON June 16, 2012 7:35 am COMMENTS (5)

I am looking for a health insurance policy for myself (30 years), my wife (27 years) and my daughter (3 years) and was on the verge of finalizing a family floater on Apollo Munich Optima Restore and realised that they don’t cover diabetes.

Few questions

1)Is diabetes a general exclusion for all health insurance policies or there are some policies which cover the same.

2)Do you suggest any other health insurance policy for people with my profile ?

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  1. mohd anas says:

    Dear Ojil,

    please get intouch with me on below contact detail, I will suggest you the good floater plan for you and your family.

    mohammed anas

  2. Dear Ojil,

    We would like to help you. Please share your contact number so that we can arrange a call to you. Alternatively, you can also call our toll free number or send us a message on Facebook.

    Apollo Munich Team

      1. Dear Ojil,

        Thank you for sharing your email ID. we will get in touch with the required information, and hope to resolve your query as soon as possible.

        Apollo Munich Team

  3. Dear Ojil Casi, please opt normal family floater of Apollo instead of Optima Restore. The high & regular medication cost of diabetes is responsible for this exclusion.



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