Health Insurance Portability

POSTED BY Srinidhi R ON February 11, 2011 10:31 am COMMENTS (2)

A great news!! Now we can switch Health insurers w/o losing benefits or waiting period! Just read the news on TOI.

Anybody have more info?

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  1. Manishkant Jha says:

    How is Max Life insurence whole life participation 100 years Insurence policy.

  2. Mahavir Chopra says:

    Hello Srinidhi, this is not as simple as you may think. Only people who are young and healthy would be able to easliy port their policy, without hassles. On the other hand, portability are not likely to help policy holders in the older age bands (say, 50 and above) and policyholders who suffer from pre-existing ailments. As such proposals are likely to be indirectly denied (hike premiums, cut benefits) by the new Insurance Company.

    I have written an article, extensively clarifying this. Since, it is a long article, it cannot be reproduced here. Here’s the link:

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