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POSTED BY JayaprakashReddy ON February 26, 2011 7:35 pm COMMENTS (2)

I’ve mediclaim insurance for me and my wife 1 lac each from New India Assurance company. I Also have company mediclaim for 2lacs for 1+2 (wife and kid). Now I want to icrease my health insurance by 1 lac each. At the moment I dont have any insurance for my new born kid.

So, I want to take Family floater with 2lacs for three of us. This will get for me and my wife 3lac each and my kid 2lac in a way. This is excluding company mediclaim policy.

Is Family floater of 2lacs good idea? Another point I’m not going to increase the SA in existing policy, instead I want to buy a new policy. Dont want to go with the same company again also cant close that because it has completed 4yrs.

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  1. Jayaprakash

    Why dont you explore increasing your and wife cover in existing policy and take a seperate policy for your child . I am just guessing that premium should not be very different ! .


    1. JayaprakashReddy says:


      I thought of floater because it comes to 3lac SA for me and my wife from both the policies and kid will be having 2lac. Of course this is floating but if only one person has to utilize this then we can count in that way. What say?

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