Health Insurance TPA Sites’ different hospital lists

POSTED BY bharat shah ON September 27, 2012 9:48 pm ONE COMMENT

for health insurance cashless facility ,it is neccessary to know the list of such hospitals on its TPA Sites. When i referred the sites, there are more than one lists of hospitals under different lists, without information of the list. e.g. medicare TPA website have three lists:1.PPN Hospital List 2. Medicare TPA Hospital list 3. Empanelled Hospital List  whereas  e-meditek TPA website shows two lists:1. Network Hospitals 2. GIPSA PPN hOSPITAL List

Can any member please clarify what these hospital lists for? which list is for cashless facility for individual policy holder , and which list is for group policy holders through corporates for its employees or banks for its clients? i tried through their emails, but not got it.

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  1. Dear Bharat, please contact your Insurer for clarity on this subject.



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