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POSTED BY Zameer Ahmed ON August 5, 2012 8:19 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear Manish,
Hi, my name is zameer ahamad.After completing my engginering, i got the job in software filed,now my monthly income is 22k. I need help from you to invest monthly amount 5000 in which field,in future after 15 years i get monthly income like pension.
I studied in kannada medium sorry for my english. My entire family is dependent on me.i am only the elder son in my family, when i was in 8th standard my father died so that\\\’s why my whole responsiablity on me.please Kindly suggest any thing that is best form me in future.Now my age is 22 and i am staying mumbai for job purpose.My home town is small village near bangalore.
Please Manish.

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    If your monthly income is 22K and you are living in Mumbai, are you able to save 5K comfortably every year ?

    Considering that you are having responsibilities on you, I would strongly suggest you to have a term insurance of approx 10 times of your yearly income. Term insurance provides the nominees a lumpsum should the insured dies.

    I am also encouraged to hear that you are thinking about long term investment at 22 years of age.15 years period is a good tenure to give your money a chance to provide you return. You may invest in the following way :
    1. PPF – 1K per month

    Equity MF – 4K per month split into the following :
    Large Cap fund – ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Rs. 2K
    MidCap Fund – HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund – Rs. 2K


    1. Zameer Ahmed says:

      Hi Banyan,Thanks for your response.

      As i completed recently from college life i don’t know about term insurance,PPF,mutuality fund.As u explained in reply i studied today morning regarding PPF it’s very helpful in future.
      I studied whole article in this website as explained by mannish with excel sheet example.

      So i am interested in investing On this.I will study Equality MF as u explaianed and ask question if any dout,Please help me.

      can u expain me the sentence you wroted “have a term insurance of approx 10 times of your yearly income” means.


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