Help me pick 2/3 funds for retirement

POSTED BY Raj ON November 27, 2012 6:56 am COMMENTS (3)

I’m 31 and planning to retire in 25 years. My current monthly expenses are around 20K and planning to invest 15K regularly in SIP for retirement expenses alone – I put these numbers to get retirement goal – 15% return and 10% inflation.

Few funds in my mind are

HDFC Prudence / Balance – 5K

HDFC Top 200 / HDFC Equity / UTI Opportunities – 5K

Franklin India Bluechip / ICICI Focused Bluechip – 5K

IDFC Premier Equity – 5K

Your suggestions are always welcomed.

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  1. TheZionView says:


    HDFC Equity – Multi cap
    Franklin India Bluechip- large cap
    IDFC Premier Equity- small and midcap

    this should provide enough diversification to your portfolio

  2. Raj says:

    Thanks Manish. I’ll try with Jagoinvestor tools as well.

    My main concern was does these funds provide enough diversification? When I used Morningstar x-ray to analyze these funds after finalizing HDFC Prudence, UTI Opportunities, and IDFC Premier Equity sector allocation ratio looked like 10:30:60 (Software/Tele vs Financial Services vs Consumer Goods/Industrial Materials). Is it a good sector allocation?

    I’ve added HDFC Prudence to mitigate the risks, but since I’m a NRE can I use FDs and a introduce a high risk / high return fund to achieve the same goal?

  3. Yes these are good funds to start with , but does the amount of 15k investments for next 25 yrs generating the kind of corpus you want ?

    I would say use our retirement calculator –

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