Hoam loan as i have NRO ACOUNT

POSTED BY shahid hasan ON January 20, 2011 2:18 am COMMENTS (5)

hi all

I have the NRO ac SBI BANK in india and at present i am living iin KSA , i want to take home loan from to buy a house . Please guide me if it possible by this acount or i have to open the another NRE acount.


secondly how much loan  i should take in term of total cost of house though i can pay all amount for the house at present.

Thirdly should i wait or take right now.

4thly, is it agood investment option of buying a house at prent time.


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  1. Can’t comment on specific are of specific city. You need to consult property experts of that particular area.


  2. shahid hasan says:


    i want to buy the property in bhopal city in MP. At present i have an oppurtinity to buy a land of 12000 squere fit for building a nice hospital and the rate is 3000 rS SQUERE Fit.that cost me 3crore and 60 lakhs a big amount .Is there is possibilty of falling down rate in such city as Bhopal As YOU KNOW ITS A big amount So should i wait to buy it or do little more negotiation with the owner and buy it staright.


  3. These correction will be mainly in big cities like metros like Mumbai, Delhi etc. However, you can try to grab a good deal in small cities with growing infrastructure.

    Hope it will help you.

  4. shahid hasan says:

    is this rule of 10-15 % correction will apply for buying land also .i mean investment in the land in a city pl specify .

  5. Can’t comment on loan formalities. But looking at market, RBI is going to increase interest rates further throughout the year 2011. This will put pressure on builders to decrease their property rates as there will be less demand. You can easily expect 10%-15% correction in property prices in this year. Think of such investment by the year end or in next year.

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