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Iam Planning to buy an idependent house in Hyderabad, which is costing around 30 Lakhs as per the prevailing market rates, But the governrment value for registring the same house is about 12.45 Lakhs.

Home laon dept. from HDFC, ICICI Bank says they can provide 80% to 85% loan on the registered value and not on market value, inspite of my Personal eligibility of 34 Lakhs based on my profile.

My Queries are

1.How Can i get more laon.

2. Can i increase registration value to get more loan, if yes to what extent.

3. India Bull guys are approaching me saying they can get 100% laon on registered value and further they suggest i should increase house registration value to get more laon amount. Can I really do that?

4. if i go with India Bulls will i be able to do balance transfere later?

5. What are the best terms i need to negotiate with banker for Home Loan.   



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  1. Dear Ram, do you know what you have suggested is a black money transaction? Yes you read it right. Please clarify your position on the fact that the govt. rate of 12.45L Rs. registration, this ‘ll be the white money & all other money paid by you ‘ll be considered black. We do not promote such activities & advices here.

    There is more to it, in future after few years as & when Mr. Akbar ‘ll sell this property, the LTCG tax liability ‘ll be very high on him due to initial lower than actual valuation in govt. record.



  2. Dear Akbar, what’s the update from your side as on date?



  3. iptree says:

    Thanks a lot Ram.

  4. Ram says:

    Dear Mr. Akbar

    Simple answer to all of your queries.

    Dont increase the registration value. If you increase, you need to pay much higher charges & taxes. Go by Govt market rates for registration.

    You can approach some other banks like IDBI, which will provide you loan on market value. They dont bother about registration value.

    Regarding best terms to negotiate with banker for Home Loan:
    It depends on your CIBIL score. You can bargain on processing fee, appln fee, rate of interest etc.

    All the best, Ram

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