Housing loan Max gain account – Rate of interest question

POSTED BY Rajesh M P ON August 28, 2013 6:55 pm COMMENTS (2)

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  1. Dear Rajesh, after 3Y, your ROI has been fixed to 11.7%. Please read your loan agreement for the ROI after initial 3Y. If you want to get the new ROI i.e. 9.95% for loans less than 30L Rs., you w’d have to pay a conversion fee of 0.56% of your outstanding loan amount.



  2. Rajesh M P says:

    I have a sbi Housing loan Max gain account taken on Sep 2010 for which 1st year rate of interest is 8 % and 2nd and 3rd year is 9 %. When is see the account statement online it is given as 11.7 % pa.I have the interest certificate in which they have clearly mentioned that irate of interest is 9 %. i see the rate of interest as 11.7 % in your screen shot too where you have explained about max gain loan. could you please halp me in understanding the same?

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