How can I invest 30k for Tax Saving Purpose ?

POSTED BY vishaldogra ON January 25, 2015 3:47 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear Good afternoon. I need to save 55 K for Tax purpose, day before yesterday I have invested 25K in Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Growth.

Now need to invest 30K more. Please suggest where to invest as now a Days market is on Peak, investing in Axis also don’t know was my right decision or not. Please help me to invest rest of 30 K for Tax saving purpose, does in PPF one-time investment is considered or apart from this if you have better suggestion then help me out.


Vishal Dogra

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  1. S T says:


    There are no fixed guidelines, but generally its safer to be 20 times of your CTC plus any outstanding liability you may have. Hope this helps.

  2. Hemanth says:

    take term insurance. ELSS and PPF are the good ones for tax savings. everything else is not worth.

    1. vishaldogra says:

      I have 7.5 Lakh package with age of 32 years with Office Job, how much I have to take Term Insurance.

      1. Hemanth says:

        there is no hard and fast rule for tem insurance.

        Generally it is advised to take atleast 15 times of the take home salary

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