How do we choose Mutual Funds based on Fund Managers?

POSTED BY sunil ON May 3, 2012 2:46 pm COMMENTS (5)

Recently while i was researching some of the Mutual Funds i was adviced by some of my learned friends to check the Fund Manager as well when deciding on any Fund…
Now my questions is

1. How can we evaluate any Fund Manager – Just by evaluating the returns of the Fund?
2. How to know the velocity of churning he does on the Fund to achieve higher returns?
3. Is it really worth looking at Fund Manager? – I think YES…

Do we actually need to research in this manner apart from inspecting the fund on Past Performance?

Will be really thankful to you for answering these…

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  1. Process of fund company is bigger than fund manager. Never chase a fund manager. What if he quits the company? How long you are going to chase him?

    A good process will ensure that no matter who, the fund does not suffer in big way.
    Fund house works like a team. A good fund manager can play good can play his part
    but cannot be bigger than process

    1. sunil says:

      Thanks dear….

      Can you please guide me on how to choose a good Fund Company?

      1. Dear Sunil, Once upon a time, Please do note SBI Magnum & JM fund houses are still licking their wounds for so called star fund manager. Interestingly, the fund manager was common for both these AMCs’ performances one after another. That particular fund manager is now no more available for retail investors as he had quit JM AMC a long ago (after quitting SBI & later on landing into JM).

        HDFC, Franklin, DSP, Birla & Quantum are some prime example of fund company process over individual’s performance. Interestingly one of the best fund manager of India – Prashant Jain is part of HDFC, still the process is more important there.



  2. sunil says:

    Thanks a lot Ramesh… there’s loads of information. I will surely go through it and will comeback if still something bothers me.

    Have a nice day.

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