How is United India Insurance Company’s Family Medicare Policy?

POSTED BY venshu ON March 5, 2011 11:37 am COMMENTS (9)

How does this health policy compare with other health policies that are availabble in the market?

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  1. Chola MS Family Healthline is an ideal Family Healthline insurance suited for young families. Comprehensive and versatile, this medical insurance plan offers cover for a range of health needs including Ayurvedic treatments, Maternity, Dental and Eye care besides regular covers provided by a standard Mediclaim policy.

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    1. jinu says:

      Hi, I am 35,married female & looking for a health policy for myself. I am very confused between Apollo Munich restore VS United India health insurance… what r the drawbacks between standalone & public sector policy… Pls help. Thanks a lot.

      1. Hi jinu

        Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

        We will call you back


  2. Anit Jogi says:

    I think you should check out other options like Max Bupa. It’s one of the leading affordable health insurance ( They have plans for individuals, family and for companies which is attached to benefits like cashless facility across network hospitals, comprehensive coverage and no age criteria for enrollment etc. You can select from the offers like silver, gold and platinum.

    I have recently taken up the individual health insurance, and the enrollment procedure went on smoothly.

    Good luck for your selection.:)

  3. Mahavir Chopra says:

    United India Family Medicare is not a recommended Option, as it has very low surgery/treatment limits. Assuming you are less than 45, you should look at better options available which include Oriental’s Happy Family Floater and Apollo Munich Easy Health.

    1. venshu says:

      Thanks very much Mahavir Chopra. I will check out the options mentioned in your reply above.

  4. Mahavir Chopra says:

    United India Family Medicare is an OK Option, compared to some other better product options available. This is primarily because of the Treatment wise sublimits it carries. Assuming your age is below 45, you should have a look at options like Oriental Happy Family Floater, Apollo Munich Easy Health etc.

  5. Mahavir Chopra says:

    Hello Venshu,

    United India’s Family Medicare is an OK option, compared to better options available in the market. The main issue with this policy is that it has Surgery/Treatment wise sub-limits which are very low.

    1. S Kotrappa says:

      Hello Mahavir Chopra,

      Greetings, I need your valuable clarification regarding health insurance , i have family floater ICICI Life saver policy purchased in 2009 DEC. I am paying every year 27,000/- ,its unit linked.Recently through Jago investors i come know many other health insurance policies which come with lesser premiums .

      May you suggest me, should i discontinue this and go for new health policy and which is better than this ICICI health policy.


      S Kotraooa

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