How safe is our personal data with banks and relationship managers?

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Further to my earlier question,


here is another instance where private share consultancy firms, have sent mailers to people to stating that they can sell their right renunciation to them. The dealer claims that after the form is recieved they will send you payment by At par cheque or DD.

Again the question arises, how they get hold of the e-mail ids of exactly those people have a particluar investment in a certain bank? and they try to sell same kind of financial products?

I wonder if this is a legal business and also where do they get list of shareholders? Is RTA allowed to give list of shareholders to anyone?

Kindly reply with your answers. Such issues should be taken up to the regulator

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  1. Such data can not be leaked without the involvement of employees. Generally, such employees copy the data before leaving the company and then communicate them either directly or through some other agents. I know personally one person who copied all data of a “reputed” bank before resigning – all customer’s profile, their address, phone number, email id, credit card number, life insurance policies number etc. and then he started calling them like some insurance agent and started telling negative points about insurance policy.

    Ofcourse, this is not legal.

    If you get such calls, where the caller has your personal data, just try to convince them for home meeting and try to get their details before making any complaint.

    Hope it will help you.

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