How should i invest my hard earned money

POSTED BY Sunny Thakur ON August 3, 2012 5:08 pm COMMENTS (4)

I have 2 ULIPs and 1 SIP:

1. HDFC life UL YoungStar Suvidha – Paid 10000 till now [Paying premium of 2000 per month] [24000 per year]

2. SBI Life HORIZON III – 3 premiums of 50000 paid

3. Monthly SIP of 2000 in SBI gold fund and UTI Opportunities fund [1000 each]

HDFC life ulip was bought in 2008

SBI life ULIP was bought in 2010

SIP was started 3-4 month back

More Detail :-

Details mentioned above is my whole saving in a year.

But as we know ULIPS are up to the market status and as i am seeing that i am not getting as much value from HDFC UL YoungStar Suvidha as i paid 10,0000 till date but value is still 91000 which varies on the market status. Can you please suggest should i continue with this or drop this policy.
Second, please suggest how should i invest for my future, as people suggest me that i don’t have term plan, health insurance and saving like PPF/NSC. As all i have invested in Mutual funds and ULIPS only.

Please suggest how should i plan and how much and where should i invest for my future.


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  1. Sunny Thakur says:

    Thanks for your advise and help….

  2. BRSINGH says:

    The best way:

    1. First surrender your LIC policies and may be consider closing ULIPs.
    2. Get a term insurance (must).
    2. Don’t have health insurance then go for it.
    3. Invest your money in mutufula fund for long term to get very good return.
    4. You may consider investing money in PPF.
    5. Instead of gold fund opt gold etf or create a demat account in NSEL and trade gold which i think is the best option.

    1. Sunny Thakur says:

      But which health insurance is best…it should have cover for my family also..
      For PPF i am thinking for the same but i need to define a ratio to distribute my money in savings.

      1. BRSINGH says:

        Check Max Bupa family flotter health insurance. There are many others that you need to check and comapre.

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