How to calculate the approximate amount for HDFC ULIP?

POSTED BY Sourabh Das ON July 27, 2012 4:57 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello, I am new to this forum. I am in search of some help to calculate the amount or fund value of HDFC ULIP.
in the year 2008, August a policy was made on my mother\\\’s name with Rs. 1lac per annum premium for up to next 10 years, that could be stopped anyways after 3 years. We have paid up to first 3 years and then stopped paying as the agent told me market is not good, and fund value is going down. He will let us know when it goes up again. Now, we are really in a confusion and want to terminate the policy and only hope at least the principle investment should come back to us, if not any profit, that is Rs. 3lac only.
Now, my question, how to calculate to get an idea how much amount we will be getting if we terminate the policy any time now?
What is the system to calculate them, my agent is an ignorant and can not tell anything.
Please help with step by step details as I am also new to these things.

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  1. What is the current market value . Your advisor suggesting staying away from markets that too when its too low shows that he is doing the same dumb mistakes all the investors do , Its time to be in equity and not go out of it . Its like saying – Dont buy this thing , this SALE all over, you are getting it so cheap , dont buy !

    You cant get a number in ULIP because its totally dependent on market . this is what happens when you try to predict the final value in short term out of a equity product . You can just expect an average of 12% in next remaing years from your product .

    My suggestion, Just be invested 100% in equity for next 3-5 yrs , then quit !

  2. Dear Saurabh, please write a mail to the following mail id –

    Please do not forget to mention the following items –

    Name of policy holder
    Policy No.
    yly prem. amount
    Start date of policy



  3. Ramesh says:

    Call / email hdfc life customer care. They should be able to help you in finding out the exact amount of fund value / surrender value.

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